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From 1985 up to now Theo has been teaching on the Conservatories of Utrecht and Amsterdam (formerly Conservatory of Hilversum). Besides teaching bass guitar he also teaches ensemble.

"My main goal as a teacher is to synchronize musicality with technique and knowledge. In words this might sound almost too obvious but in practice nowadays most bass guitarists loose themselves in technique and forget about their musicality (check my video). This problem is hardly covered in the bass guitar methods and also on the internet you'll find lessons that mainly focus on technique and knowledge.

The result: bass players that can play fast, know a lot, but are not able to create musical lines which in the end turns out to be very unsatisfying.

Over the years I developed some transparent visions that deal with this problem and nowadays I'm able to drag these bass players out of their "cloud".
Theo de Jong "

For info about studying bass on the conservatories:

Open Days Utrecht
Open Days Amsterdam

Suscribe to the "Jazz au Vert" Summer Camp in Wepion (Belgium) to have lessons for a whole week!

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